Sunday Homilies


Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Luke 1: 26–38 Gospel Summary: Theologians often make a distinction between “high” Christology, which emphasizes the divine nature of Jesus, and “low” Christology, which emphasizes

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Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 6: 39-45 Gospel Summary The parables that Jesus offers in today’s gospel have one thing in common. They are all concerned with the qualities

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Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Two Sundays ago we heard a reading from the great prophet Jeremiah, describing his prophetic calling; today we hear from him again, though this time

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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 4:21-30 Gospel Summary Biblical passages used in the liturgy often suffer from being removed from their contexts. This is particularly noticeable in today’s gospel

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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Although the Church’s annual cycle of worship began with Advent, some six weeks ago, today’s readings re-launch the Church into the “ordinary time” of the

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