The Wimmer Fund

The Wimmer Fund supports vocations and monastic life, education and formation, retired and aging monks and missions and campus ministry program at Saint Vincent. 

Education and Formation
The Wimmer Fund Dedicates Resources for:
• Postulant formation
• Novitiate formation
• Library and journal resources
• Graduate and undergraduate studies

Vocations and Monastic Life
The largest percentage of the Wimmer Fund supports:
• The Office of Vocations
• Travel for Apostolic Ministry
• Maintaining Worship Spaces and Liturgical Practices
• Monastery Improvements and Nutrition

Missions and Campus Ministry
The Wimmer Fund Dedicates Resources for:
• Scholarship opportunities for Saint Vincent College students of need
• Two awards to visit and serve at São Bento Priory in Brazil
• Two awards to visit and serve at Wimmer Priory in Taiwan

Retired and Aging Monks
The Wimmer Fund dedicates Resources for:
• Specialized dietary needs and personal care
• Retirement funds
• Personal expenses for retirees

Seed Gifts
Boniface Wimmer planted the seeds that still yield fruit here and throughout the United States. In his memory, these “seed” gifts will help the people we serve in our monastic apostolates. This is a direct way that the Wimmer Fund honors and continues his bold and deep belief that anything is possible in the name of Christ.
A portion of what is raised is given to one of Saint Vincent’s apostolates to help start, continue, or grow a ministry. Funds go to either Saint Vincent College; Saint Vincent Seminary; Benedictine Military High School in Savannah, Georgia; hospital work, or to our mission work abroad.