Friday after Epiphany

1Jn 5:5-13; Ps 147:12-15,19,20; Lk 5:12-16 With the best of wheat he fills us.  We are so well fed all along the journey to the heavenly Jerusalem with the Bread of Heaven.  We glorify the LORD, we who are the New Jerusalem, his bride, his beloved.  He has strengthened the bars of our gates and […]

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Thursday after Epiphany

1Jn 4:19–5:4; Ps 72:1-2,14,15,17; Lk 4:14-22 Who doesn’t experience some kind of fraud and violence.  Actually, fraud is a kind violence because it violates a person’s mind.  When someone is a fraud that person deliberately tries to deceive others about his true identity.  Fraud then is mental violence.  The LORD comes to rescue his people […]

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