Sunday Homilies Now Available as Podcasts

Saint Vincent Archabbey’s weekly web page Sunday Homilies are now available as free downloadable audio podcasts on iTunes®. The homilies have been available as audio files on this website for the past two years. With the availability of them as podcasts, they can be downloaded into portable audio players, such as iPods.

The Sunday Homily series that is normally found on the Archabbey website features homilies written by Fathers Demetrius R. Dumm, O.S.B., and Campion P. Gavaler, O.S.B., both Carrolltown natives. Father Demetrius has taught Sacred Scripture at the Seminary since 1952 and Father Campion has taught at Saint Vincent College since 1954. They have written the Sunday Homily reflections since 1999.

The weekly Sunday Homily column also appears in the weekly newspaper Jednota.

The Sunday Homily podcast series can be found in the iTunes® store. To download software to hear the podcasts:

• Start off by visiting®/download.

• Click the blue download now button and follow instructions on the screen until the download/installation is complete.

Once iTunes® has been installed:

• Open an internet connection.

• Open the iTunes® program.

• Go to the iTunes® store by clicking the “iTunes® Store” link and green shopping bag icon located on the left hand side of the iTunes® window under the store category.

• Go to the white search bar in the upper right hand corner and type “Saint Vincent Archabbey” in the search bar and hit enter to search.

• A screen should pop up containing a box that is labeled “Podcasts” with a picture of the Saint Vincent Archabbey shield next to the words “Saint Vincent Archabbey Homilies.”

• In the Podcasts box under the Saint Vincent Archabbey shield is a gray button that reads “subscribe.” Click on this button to subscribe to the podcasts.

How to tell when you have new podcasts:

• The number next to the “Podcasts” link and purple microphone icon on the left hand side of the iTunes® window (under the library category) is the number of new podcasts that are available to listen to. If there is no number next to the link, there are no podcasts.

• If new podcasts are available open the podcasts library by clicking on the “Podcasts” link on the left hand side of the iTunes® window.

• A screen will appear with the podcasts listed.

• The unheard podcasts will appear at the top of the list with a blue dot to the far left side of the list.

To listen to the homilies:

• Click on the “Podcasts” link on the left hand side of the iTunes® window.

• Podcasts will be listed from newest to oldest.

• Select the Podcast and click on the play button.

• iTunes® will continue to play through the list of podcasts until the pause or stop buttons are clicked.

Father Campion studied theology at the Collegio Di Sant’ Anselmo, Rome, earning his S.T.L. in 1962. Father Campion’s service to the Saint Vincent community includes also includes serving as acting president of Saint Vincent College (1980-1981).

Father Demetrius received a Doctor of Sacred Theology degree in 1950, from the Pontifical Institute of Sant’ Anselmo, Rome. A former rector of Saint Vincent Seminary, Father Demetrius is the author of five published books, and a major contributor and one of the editors of the Collegeville Pastoral Dictionary of Biblical Theology.