Summer Retreat Schedule Listed

Saint Vincent Archabbey has announced its 2013 Summer Retreat Schedule.

Benedictine Spirituality Retreat
Faith in the Rule of Saint Benedict:
Responding to God in Family and Community
Rev. Donald Raila, O.S.B.
May 17-19

The Rule of Saint Benedict was written to help monks dedicate their lives totally to God and to keep growing in faith in the context of a believing Christian community. Taking place in the “Year of Faith,” this retreat will explore how the Rule can help Christians in the world believe more deeply and thus to “run on the path of God’s commandments” (Rule Prologue: 49) in the situations of ordinary life.

Retreat master Father Donald Raila, O.S.B., has served as director of the Oblates of Saint Benedict since 1988. He is the author of part of a collection written over twenty years, Lessons from Benedict: Finding Joy in Daily Life. The book uses the 1500 year old Rule of Benedict and Benedictine spirituality to provide words of spiritual encouragement and guidance for persevering through the journey of daily life.

Silent Retreat
Growing in a Lively Faith: Listening and Responding to God in Everyday Life
Rev. Donald Raila, O.S.B.
May 31-June 2

The Catechism of the Catholic Church asserts, “Faith is man’s response to God, who reveals Himself and gives Himself to man” (#26). Occurring during the “Year of Faith,” this retreat will offer a broad review of the Catechism and practical reflections on how Christians can better know and profess their faith, celebrate their faith in the sacraments, live their faith in right conduct, and grow in faith through persistent and methodical prayer.

Retreat master is Father Donald Raila.

Retreat With Spiritual Direction Available
Rev. Thomas Acklin, O.S.B.
June 7-9

This retreat provides the opportunity for a quiet retreat weekend. Father Thomas Acklin, O.S.B. and others will provide spiritual direction on request.

Father Thomas Acklin, O.S.B., is professor of theology at Saint Vincent Seminary, where he also served two terms as rector. He is the author of two books, The Unchanging Heart of the Priesthood and The Passion of the Lamb, and he has given many retreats, especially to priests, Benedictines, and members of contemplative religious orders.

A Retreat of Charismatic Prayer, June 22-24
The New Evangelization—Calling For
A New Pentecost
Rev. Boniface Hicks, O.S.B.
June 28-30

In his meditation for the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization given October 8, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI said, “Pentecost is the condition of the birth of the Church: only because God acted first, are the Apostles able to act with him and make what he does present. It is clear then that Pentecost is a matter of listening to God and letting Him lead so that we can be the voices through which He continues to speak (that we may act with Him and make what He does present”. In this retreat we will consider how we can put the gifts of the Holy Spirit into the service of the New Evangelization and how we can listen to and follow the Lord as he leads us into a New Pentecost. We will consider this especially from the perspective of the Catechism of the Catholic Church as well as the documents of Vatican II as the Holy Father has instructed us in this Year of Faith.

Father Boniface Hicks, O.S.B., was ordained to the priesthood in 2004. While completing his doctorate in computer science at Penn State University, he served as campus minister there. Since returning to Saint Vincent he has served as an adjunct faculty member at Saint Vincent College and assists with programming at WAOB Radio.

Men’s Retreat
The Spiritual Journey of Saint Paul:
A Model for Us Today
Brother Elliott Maloney, O.S.B.
July 19-21

The retreat will be based on a fresh look at Saint Paul’s own spiritual journey, and how it applies to our spiritual journeys today. We shall treat the following topics: dealing with belonging to a minority community, conversion to Jesus Christ, the dignity of work, foregoing privileges for the sake of others, betrayal by those he/we serve, the meaning of suffering, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, how to pray and the meaning of the Eucharist, and joy as we await God’s final plan for the world.

Retreat Master will be Brother Elliott Maloney, O.S.B. He is a member of the Catholic Biblical Association and the Society of Biblical Literature. He has written articles for The Bible Today, and book reviews for the Catholic Bible Quarterly, Theological Studies, the Review of Biblical Literature, and Chicago Studies.
He has served as a translator for the New American Bible (revised New Testament, 1986), and has written two video scripts for Paulist Press. In 2004, Continuum Books published his work, Jesus’ Urgent Message for Today: The Kingdom of God in Mark’s Gospel, which won a second place award for “Best Book on Scripture” of the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada in 2005 and now has been translated into Portuguese in Brazil.

Father Son Retreat
A Father’s Love
Father Jeffrey Nyardy, O.S.B.
July 26-28

No matter if we are young or old, male or female, saints or sinners—we are God’s children and can confidently address him as our Father. This retreat will explore the privileged relationship that we enjoy with our Father in heaven who calls each one of us into an intimate and loving relationship.

Retreat master will be Father Jeffrey Nyardy, O.S.B., a monk of the Archabbey for more than twenty years. He served as a member of the faculty and staff of Benedictine Priory and Benedictine Military High School, Savannah, Georgia from 1992 to 2011.

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