Monday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Gn1:1-19; Ps 104:1,2a,5,6,10,12,24,35c; Mk 6:53-56:  The LORD is glad in his works.  This divine gladness summons us to Bless the LORD for his greatness.  We behold with eyes of faith the LORD clothed with majesty and glory; He is robed in light as with a cloak.  The LORD has fixed the earth upon its foundations, and it is secure. The ocean surrounds it like a garment and the mountains uphold the waters of the sky.  The springs from the mountains provide for the forests; in the trees dwell the birds of heaven, and they send forth their song.  Manifold are the works of the LORD; they are beyond counting.  Indeed, in wisdom the LORD has wrought them all—all the earth is full of his creatures! We can still hear the echoes of the LORD proclaiming: “How good it is!”  Each day of creation brings tears of joy to the eyes of the LORD and cries of gladness from His own heart!  This Loving Creator sends forth his Son who brings joy and gladness to the hearts of those who are sick and those who love them.  The Lord Jesus is the light of glory shining among those who walk in the valley of darkness.  Indeed, we share the joy of the first believers, and all creation, as we receive the healing at the hands of the crucified and risen Lord Jesus.This is only the first four days of creation. Already, we behold the goodness of light, water, the sky, the earth, all vegetation, and the heavenly luminaries—one to govern the day and the other to govern the night.

Over the original formless wasteland a mighty wind swept.  This divine breath over the waters of chaos brings order before anything else is created. So that the other creatures could see how good the light was, God separated the light from the darkness.  To separate light from darkness the LORD God created day and night.  Both day and night witnessed the creation of a dome called the sky to separate the water and the earth.  Upon both the LORD God walked and saw that it was good.  Then the LORD God commanded that the earth bring forth vegetation, every kind of plant and fruit for the nourishment and delight of the rest of creation.  After each day the LORD God said and sang that the creation was good, so good, and very good.  The sun and the moon were to shed light and to mark the fixed times, the days and the years were reckoned by these luminaries under the dome of the sky. Soon this ordered creation would become home for our first parents.  Soon this creation would witness the birth of sin and death.  Soon we come to realize how much we need a savior.

The disciples are still clueless. They had witnessed great signs and wonders, but they still did not understand this Master.  The people, the crowds, however know who the Lord Jesus is; they know that he is kind and full of love.  They immediately recognize him and scurry about to bring in the sick on mats to find him and his healing power.  No matter where he went clamoring crowds and all the sick they could find surrounded the Lord Jesus.  They only begged to touch the tassel on his cloak.  Such a brief touch would be enough for complete healing.  Such excitement had not filled the land since the LORD spoke with such joy, “Behold, how good it is!”  How can we not share in the enthusiasm of the crowd who welcomed the arrival and abiding presence of the Light of Christ full of healing love? What will we respond to the Lord Jesus when he reveals the true nature of his mission?  How will we respond to the bright and glorious mystery of the cross that the Lord Jesus brings into our lives?  Can we bear the darkness of the cross as well as the brightness of the healing?  Perhaps we will remain as clueless as the first disciples—not quite able to grasp or be grasped by the cross.  This is the same cross with which we signed ourselves at the beginning of this mass, and with which we will sign ourselves with at the final blessing.