Monastic Life

Our monks lead lives of ora et labora or prayer and work. But what kinds of work do they do?

They teach at Saint Vincent College, or serve in the administration.

They lead Saint Vincent Seminary, teach on the faculty and work in the administration.

They work in Campus Ministry.

They direct and work in the Library.

They create music, and serve in music ministry.

They take photographs and make videos.

They create art in many forms, from fabric art to 3D art to painting.

The work in parishes.

They serve as hospital chaplains.

They care for our grounds.

They grind grain at our historic Gristmill.

They write books and articles.

They direct our bookstore and gift shops.

They preserve our history.

They conduct retreats and administer our summer retreat program.

They serve at schools administered by our monks such as Benedictine Military School in Savannah.

They serve at our foreign missions, Wimmer Priory in Taipei, Taiwan or São Bento Priory in Vinhedo, Brazil.