2008 Fall Heart to Heart

This 36-page color issue includes a feature on Boniface Wimmer: Letters of An American Abbot, a new book edited by Jerome Oetgen. Brother Benoit Allogia, O.S.B., and Brother Joseph Adams, O.S.B., were ordained to the diaconate. A minority scholarship fund was established in the name of Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, O.S.B. Father Stephen Cocordia, O.S.B., and Brother Fernando Lanas, O.S.B., joind the college faculty. The Fred Rogers Center held its grand opening and hosted the first annual Children’s Literature Conference. The College marked its twenty-fifth anniversary of coeducation. Brother Bonaventure Curtis, O.S.B., and Father Peter Augustine Pierjok professed their solemn vows. Brother Michael Antonacci, O.S.B., Brother Gabriel Myriam Kurzawski, O.S.B., Brother Jeremiah Lange, O.S.B., and Brother Maximillian Maxwell, O.S.B. made first vows.