2005 Winter Heart to Heart

An update on the Basilica anniversary book, Saint Vincent Archabbey Basilica: One Hundred Years was given, with a photograph of the Blessed Virgin Mary statue in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception on the front cover. Father Sebastian Samay was named an Alumnus of Distinction by Saint Vincent College and two novices, Brother Bonaventure Curtis and Father Peter Augustine Pierjok, joined the community. A scholarship honoring Father Paschal Kneip was established, and Brother Mark Floreanini’s stained glass work was featured. Statues were installed at Saint Benedict Parish in Carrolltown, and a grant was received for that parish from the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association. Father Philip Kanfush authored Renewed Each Morning, Reflections from the Rocking Chair, and the parish completed a cookbook. Brother Nicholas Koss reported on the Benedictine Commission on China and photos featured the beatification of Emperor Karl in Rome.