2003 Fall Heart to Heart

The announcement of the Fred M. Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media is on the front page of this newsletter, along with Christmas greetings. Two novices were welcomed to the abbey, and the Archabbey Publications online store was established. Praying the Scriptures by Father Demetrius Dumm was recently released, and Father John Murtha was named an Alumnus of Distinction by Saint Vincent College. Savannah started an Oblate program and Superior Court Judge Maureen E. Lally-Green was keynote speaker at the annual Red Mass. Father Philip Kanfush was named to the Center High School Hall of Fame and Brother Benedict Janecko and Father Thomas Hart received Catholic Press Association Awards. The culinary skills of Father Ananias Buccicone were featured, as was the Campus Ministry program and a book by Father Wilfred Dumm. The Christmas ornament was the Lamb of God, and Father Cyprian Davis spoke at Founders’ Day.