Sunday Homilies



Luke 2: 1-14, Year B Gospel Summary In the gospel passage for Mass at Midnight we hear the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke.

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Fourth Sunday of Advent

Luke 1:26-38 Cycle B Gospel Summary On the carefully programmed Advent journey to Christmas, the Fourth Sunday belongs to Mary. This is so because Christmas,

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First Sunday of Advent

Mark 13: 33-37 Cycle B Gospel Summary In this gospel passage Jesus illustrates the mystery of his future, final coming in power and glory with

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Feast of Christ the King

Matthew 25:31-46 Gospel Summary Today’s selection from the gospel of Matthew is very appropriate for the feast of Christ the King because it portrays Christ

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Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Matthew 22: 34-40 Gospel Summary In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus is frequently involved in confrontational situations. This reflects the tensions in

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22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Matthew 16: 21-27 Gospel Summary At Caesarea Philippi, Jesus had questioned the disciples about his identity and Peter responded confidently,

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