Fire Department Featured in Ads

 The Saint Vincent Fire Department is being featured in a series of national ads as part of an advertising program taking place during March by Mine Safety Appliances (MSA), a manufacturer of mine and fire safety devices.The ads will appear in March in a variety of fire service publications. MSA sent a special effects crew to set up the advertising photo shoot. Featured in the ads are Br. Joseph Adams, O.S.B., Captain in the Fire Department; Br. Cajetan Homick, O.S.B., Second Assistant Fire Chief, and Br. Matthias Marbach, O.S.B., a VFD member, as well as Saint Vincent College students who are members of the department. Four pages of full color ads appeared in the March issue of Firehouse.

Br. Cajetan said the fire department is participating in a new pilot program for training in the state, and if the program is successful, it will be a model for other fire departments. The SVFD is using a CD-ROM for training, a first for the state. The program may then be used by the Pennsylvania Fire Academy and be adapted for statewide use.

The Saint Vincent Fire Department was formed in 1963 after a fire destroyed many of the buildings on campus. Br. Patrick Lacey, O.S.B., has served as fire chief for 37 years.

Pictured in this ad from the March issue of “Firehouse” Magazine were Br. Joseph Adams, O.S.B., carrying the child; Br. Cajetan Homick, O.S.B., and Br. Matthias Marbach, O.S.B., in the background.