The Educational Legacy of Boniface Wimmer, if it were in the form of a “family tree,” shows Saint Vincent Archabbey formed from Saint Michael Abbey in Metten, Bavaria.

Abbeys founded from Saint Vincent, where Boniface Wimmer established Benedictine monasticism in North America, include Saint John’s Abbey in Minnesota; Saint Benedict’s Abbey in Kansas; Saint Mary’s Abbey in New Jersey; Belmont Abbey in North Carolina;  Saint Procopius Abbey in Illinois; Holy Cross Abbey in Colorado; Saint Bernard Abbey in Alabama; Saint Bede Abbey in Illinois; Saint Peter’s Abbey in Canada; Assumption Abbey in North Dakota and Saint Gregory’s Abbey in Oklahoma. These abbeys all became independent of Saint Vincent.

From these abbeys were founded other abbeys and priories in the United States, Mexico, Japan, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

Saint Vincent Archabbey also established Benedictine Priory in Savannah Georgia; Wimmer Priory in Taipei, Taiwan and São Bento Priory in Vinhedo, Brazil.

The monks sent by Wimmer to establish foundations at those locations not only established monasteries. They founded schools. They educated and influenced students. They served at parishes. They ministered. They recruited others of like mind to join them in their work.  All of this from one foundation. One man. One dream.

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